My Researching Goes On and On (Z. Minor)

I am researching 1820-1821 England once again, or I should say still. I have started the second story in the Sisterhood of the Coin series. Nicola Highbridge story is the first book in the series, which is being published by The Wild Rose Press.

Mara Highbridge is the main character for the second book and I have been looking for historical information that can be used as part of the plot for a romantic suspense novel. I only look for enough information for the first draft of my story. Once I have the story completed – beginning, middle and end. I will go back through the story, add detail, and find any additional information to complete the story. Sometimes I add or take out information. I try hard not to give a history lesson but show real people with real problems.

Here is my example: Marie Antoinette, Queen of France, was beheaded 8 months after her husband. I found that to be a little strange – why not behead them at the same time. So “WHAT IF” it was discovered she was pregnant. The French people, I believe, would have revolted against killing a woman who was pregnant. Being she hadn’t been living with her husband for more than a year—who could be the father of her child? I found information Marie Antoinette, a book has been written about it, had an affair with a Count from Sweden. He could be the father?? Then I start thinking more “WHAT IF”.

Back to my story – Mara was raised by a foster mother and overhears a conversation that she looks so much like her mother that it is surprising no one has noticed. Because her older foster sister, Nicola (first book) has found her parents, she is determined to do so as well.

Using the researched facts – Mara will discover who her birth parents are and how she was smuggled out of the prison where she was born and brought to England to be raised. Of course, I have found other researched information about the time period which will be added to the story, such as human trafficking – which I discovered has been going on since time began. Embezzling money from innocent people is another facet that might play apart in the plot. Bernie Madoff wasn’t the first and I am sure won’t be the last crook caught stealing from investors.  The one in 1821 got hung for his efforts. Of course Mara’s love interest, Barnaby, just happens to work for the government and with his contacts, he and Nicola’s husband, help ferret out the evil people in Mara’s life. Love triumphs and wins the day for Mara and Barnaby.

I have discovered the fabric of the world in 1820-1821 is much different than today. Interesting enough people haven’t changed – greed, murdered, lust, dishonesty, love, and hope are the same no matter the place or time.

Z. Minor
Author of Historical Romantic & Contemporary Suspense Novels


Joan Vincent said...

Research and what ifs. What more does one need for a book. I find historical research fascinating--sometimes too much so as I veer off the path and into unneeded details for the story I'm on. You never know when you'll discover something essential, right?