Genre. Say what???

Hello friends, both old and new!

As a newbie in the writing world, words like “genre” were escorted by the panic fairies directly to the folder in my brain marked HELP! When I first connected with WARA, just five short months ago, I learned so many new things so fast that at times it was a little overwhelming. But, I always received a kind and informative answer, no matter how stupid I thought my questions were. Someone was, and is, always willing to help.

I grew from a complete greenhorn who only acquired the Internet after joining to: Being part of an email loop and website; writing a blog; entering the Right Hook contest; learning how to add the “creep factor” to my stories as well as the romantic sizzle and pop. Plus so many little details I thought my brain might actually explode at one point! Lucky for me it didn’t but it might have made an interesting story. Ummm, I’ll have to tuck that away in my idea file but how would I work it into a romance? Oops, bunny trail, I must get back to the program at hand.

Let’s see, I’m supposed to be talking about genres. I had to do a little research to make sure I didn’t catch “foot in mouth disease” and this is the result:

Genre: A particular type or kind of work such as art or literature which make it easy for others to recognize.

In other words, if you like Romance novels then you can skip over the science fiction genre and go straight for the books marked, Romance. Unless you like some love and kisses to go along with your (aha!) brain exploding science fiction, which is then called a sub-genre. (I think!) Do you feel educated now? Good, that’s one of the main ideas behind WARA; educating, supporting and tamping down the panic when a “newbie” has a meltdown over doing something new! You know, like blogging, but don’t tell them I told you!!
(Oh, never mind. After at least a dozen emails, I’m sure they figured it out!)

Happy Reading. Romance, of course!


Whew! Am I done yet?


Reese Mobley said...

Great post, Becky. No, you are not done. lol You've just started your incredible journey to publication. Look at how much you've accomplished in just a few short months! Imagine how you will top this. Dream Big Dreams!

Rox Delaney said...

Ah, Reese, well said!

Becky, you've come a long way! Learning is lifelong, and you've only just begun something that's familiar yet new to you. We like hearing from you! We love it when you ask questions, because those questions make us think and sometimes research for an answer we don't have, learning about it ourselves.

*Nobody is born published.*

Becky A said...

Ladies, thanks for stopping by. Are you sure I'm not done yet? I feel done. I want to be done! Ok, I'll quit whining now. G!
Do you think the brain exploding, romantic, sci-fi idea will fly???
Na, me neither. What was that quote about having to "kiss a lot of toads before you find a prince?" Sometimes it feels that way when writing a book too! Thanks for all the help and encouragement, Becky

Pat Davids said...

I'm so proud of you. Blogging and research. Now that's my girl. No, you aren't done yet. You have many more stories to write, many more blogs to post, many fans waiting to find author they'll love.

Becky A said...

Thank you Miss Pat,
One of the best things about WARA is all the positive encouragement and support. It still kind of blows my mind to hear you all cheering for each other because, quite frankly, it's not something I'm used to. You are an exceptional group of ladies. You make us "chickens" want to stretch our wings and fly.

Thanks for everything, Becky

ps: Do you think if I put directions to my house on this my fans would find me sooner????? Ha!

Jeannie said...

Hello Becky! It's great to see you writing here! Actually, your coming to WARA has been a breath of fresh air for all of us. Sometimes when you've been writing a while you forget how good that first enthusiam for putting words on paper felt. You've helped us all remember and feel that surge of wonder again.

You are learning a lot. I know sometimes it all seems like it's overwhelming, but you will get a handle on it. And the rest of us will get better at the ins and outs of writing for helping you.

From what I've heard of your work, you have a good voice and a nice hand for description and emotion. You'll do well, once you've got your feet under you. I'd like to see more of your stuff.

I had to laugh at your exploding brain idea. You gotta watch those plot bunnies! Once they get out of the hutch there's no telling how many you'll wind up with. Those ideas reproduce like--well--bunnies. :-)

I know you think that idea wouldn't work, but you haven't been reading Dorchester's Shomi line. They have heroines who are dead being revived by villians to be used as experiments in time loops, and who are being rescued by their best friend and the reluctant hero she has employed. You could make exploding brains fly. (Oh, that sounds so wrong...) :-)

Anyway, welcome to the Writer's Journey. It has all the good stuff: fencing, fighting, torture, and true love.

Becky A said...

Ahhh Jeannie,
Thank you, thank you, thank you. I have finally found someone to share my warped sense of humor with. Sweet relief! Maybe when I get these first three books out the door, I'll tackle those exploding brains, flying or not!

Pun most definitely intended :-)

Another first, the sideways smiley thing-a-ma-bob!!!

Thanks for making my day, Becky

Joan Vincent said...

Hopefully we don't every decide we've learned enough--how dull that would be. It does feel good to tell someone you're a blogger doesn't it--I love to see the surprise. Well done.