I should have mentioned that if you are a writer, an aspiring writer or just curious about writing then WARA is a great place to be. Feel free to check us out at:

Or come and visit at our next meeting on, May 3rd, at 4pm, Derby Recreation Center.

Ok, now I'm done! Thanks for stopping by.



Rox Delaney said...


I forgot I had some links to share, so this might be a good time to do that.

"Aunt Cathy's Lecture Series"She has a lot of information.
Series #2 (the link above) is about romance sub-genres. Series #1 is fiction genres in general. There are other links there too.

It looks like it's a good place for learning a few new things.

Becky A said...

My dear Miss Roxann,

Are you giving me MORE homework?

I'm still smiling!!!!

Thanks, Becky

Rox Delaney said...

Nope, not homework. It's been posted, so it'll be there forever and available if anyone should ever want or need it.

Jeannie said...

I'll add my invite to Becky's plug. :-) We enjoy vistors and would certainly welcome anyone who has an interest in fiction writing.

I'll have to check out this Aunt Cathy link. I'm up soon to write about genres and sub-genres.

And I'm all caught up on the blog! Yay! :-)