A Writer is me...

I write because I have this amazing way with words…as you can see from my title.

I write because, I have this, ingrained sense of, where to punctuate!!! Commas, in particular, being my specialty.

I write to escape everyday life sometimes.

I write about the wonders of romance and falling in love.

I write so that I can live in another time and place via my characters.

I write because there are so many “people” (and animals) inside my head demanding that I tell their stories.

I write so that I can research interesting places, events, situations, and people. And then I create a story to use some of what I’ve learned.

I am a tenderhearted writer of sweet and almost innocent romance, of hot and steamy romance between kick-ass women and their badass men, and even of oh-my-can-they-do-that? romance on occasion. Plus I write bovine romance.

Overall…I write because I have to. No, I love to write. And I’ve been writing some kind of fiction since I was ten.


Reese Mobley said...

Starla, whatever you're doing, you're doing right. You produce more words than anyone else I know!
And to think I knew you when.

Joan Vincent said...

A writer you definitely is! You are inspiring, Starla and your success well earned.

Starla Kaye said...

Thanks to you both, Reese and Joan. I don't know if I'm always doing "right," but I'm doing.

Pat Davids said...
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Pat Davids said...

Your talent as a writer defies words. Very few writers have such range and such productivity. I'm glad you is a writer and I'm proud to know you.

Unknown said...

In the words of my students, "You DA Bomb!"

Nina Sipes said...

Geese Starla,
Your reasons for writing are quite a bit like my reasons for reading. Writer you is. That's for sure. Oh, and thanks to writers like you I get to read. Thanks.

Penny Rader said...

I love this post, Starla! You are indeed a tenderhearted writer and person. Very inspiring! LOL - writing as an excuse to research. I do love to research stuff. ;D