Office of Disfunctional Writer

Yes, my office/lair is my perfect place to be for me. However, how much time is really spent writing? Lately, not near enough.


Because goal setting or not, there are the jelly things of life. The insubstantial things that gum up the works. Things that tear the I-need-to-do-this down to mmlslhlsshasfs (muffled sound through closed lips and clenched teeth).

Merely this simple blog this week became a nightmare of scheduling, let alone the ten pages I pledged to myself, culminating with my sister almost tearing her foot from her leg yesterday at nine in the morning.

Yes, I got the call as I'm the first to be called in an accident. Her husband second on the list. Why? Because we both live in terror of a husband responding to a doctor with, "Whatever you think, doc, go ahead."

My first response to the call, was that I'd take care of everything, but her lunch bucket, purse, and keys needed to be rounded up. The response I got was that they take care of the injured first. Well of course!, but I could hear her in the background talking. Her supervisor on the phone thought it might be a broken or twisted ankle so obviously no blood was spurting. Why were these things important? Because you need ID these days to get care, someone needed to bring the car home, and her lunch bucket had her wallet and car keys in it.

The lunch bucket made it.

But, the realities of emergency care in southwest Kansas included, before it was all done, travel through six counties (except the first ambulance, I hauled her around in the back seat of my car), three emergency rooms, two hospital check-ins, two bone specialists (one who had to leave town too soon to be of much help), parking on the sidewalk once, an emergency surgery, a partial cast, a full cast, yards of ace bandage, two tanks of gas....

All in the time period between 9AM and 1AM the next morning. I got home at two.

Today has been spent informing momma and brother, updating her boss, and starting the ball rolling on paperwork.

Everywhere we went they said they'd fax information to the next place to make sure the facility was ready for us, bless their hearts. Somewhere there is a very busy fax machine taking faxes from unknown places. No one had ever heard of us wherever we arrived.

It has been an interesting week. But no writing has been accomplished that is worth spit.

Goals met for the week? Sister gets to keep foot and is now home drugged to eyeballs. I don't really remember anything else that happened even though it was a killer week. Somethings just get pushed out of your memory as unimportant I guess. Silly though, I remember I needed to blog today and I remember I was supposed to write ten pages.

Sometimes we push ourselves as writers, but sometimes the gummy stuff pushes back.


Becky A said...

Bless you Miss Nina, what a week! And you did it all in less than 24 hours. Yup, life sure has a mind of its own sometimes. Makes you want to kick something. But then you'd need someone else to take you in and get that toe ex-rayed since your sister's temporarily out of the running. Too much trouble to even vent sometimes. :)
Those of us living way out east in the land of Oz may not be able to drop everything and run to your aid in times of trouble, but we're rooting for you. You're a bright spot in our gummy days.
Love ya!

Roxann Delaney said...

I ditto what Becky said. Bless your heart, Nina, and your sister's, too. What a disaster! I'm guessing this was an accident where she works, and she wasn't the only one injured.

Yes, goals have to be set aside sometimes. That's one of life's lessons. I know you're well-versed in them. ;) Skipping the blog would've been more than acceptable, in this case. And those ten pages can be written next time.

For now, sit down, put your feet up and take a deep breath. Close your eyes and think happy thoughts. Better do it quickly. Another lesson or hubby may come calling.

Reese Mobley said...

OMG! Are you serious? What a day. Thank heavens they don't happen very often or we'd all do crazy. Take the rest of the day off. You've earned it!

Joan Vincent said...

Such a day and you STILL got the blog written! Huzzahs to you!! I hope writing it proved consoling at the least. You've provided a great lesson in why we who live near emergency rooms and hospitals should be very thankful.
May you be blessed with peace and calm so you can get those pages written.

Nina Sipes said...

Bless YOU-all. I forgot to say that the day was over 400 miles long by the time I got home--but it was a pretty day. Sister was stepping down out of a sand truck cab. Two hands on hand holds, right foot on top step, left foot missed step and went to ground. She got to watch her right foot twist off sideways and leg break sound beside her ear. She held on and didn't fall to ground. She felt very lucky that, THAT day someone else was fairly close and heard her yell for help over the sound of the engines.

I ended up, instead of sleeping, making sure her bosses and everyone appropriate knew that it was true we had been to all those places for billing, just to help smooth things for the office people. And since I'd given my name and number as a contact, the calls kept rollin' in. Then I called mom and brother. Yeesh....

My sister told me she owed me big time. I told her that when I reach my slobbering years, I expect visits. She doesn't have to do it personally, just make sure I have visitors. We were keeping each other amused.

You all are bright spots. Bless you and Thank you. Today went much better.

Pat Davids said...

I'm glad your sister got to keep her foot. All else pales in comparison to that goal.

Accept a cyber hug from me and trudge forward to the next crisis. Your writer soul is storing all these emotions and events to spew back at some later date.