Or maybe it’s just an old country song. Either way, I’m struggling to write through the tough times. It’s a skill I have yet to master.

Being sick with this upper respiratory crap for almost three weeks kicked my butt. There were days I didn’t get dressed, make my bed or do the dishes. I know, my non-bed making friends are laughing at me now, but I like my bed to be made and I hate walking into the kitchen and seeing a sink full of dishes. Usually, hubby picks up the slack, but he was just as sick. And to top it all off, an extended member of our family died and the funeral is today.

How much new writing did I get done during all this? None. Zero. Zip. Nada. I did some revisions, but that was it. There were days where I probably could have written, but stopping every couple of minutes to cough really interrupts my concentration. However, my biggest problem was being seduced by the remote. The lure of lying under a fleece blanket and watching movies was a temptation I couldn’t ignore. The combination of the warm blanket, Netflix and control of the TV, lulled me into a false sense of comfort.

Quite simply, I was looking for love in all the wrong places. Now I’m behind on all my goals.

And if there is one thing I did not need, it’s a bigger behind.

The coughing is finally down to a minimum. The fevers have gone away. I’m washing up my fleece blanket and putting it in the closet and going cold turkey on Netflix.

I have stories to tell. I have work to do. I have goals to meet.




Pat Davids said...

Hugs, Reese baby. We need you to be better soon.

Roxann Delaney said...

Reese, don't beat yourself up over things you can't control. Besides, you obviously needed a break. The decision was out of your hands.

Go slow and don't push yourself until you're back to normal. And HUGs on the family death.

Reese Mobley said...

Thanks, Pat. I feel much better now that the funeral is over.

Reese Mobley said...

Thanks, Rox. I hate being sick. Sitting still is hard for me because I'm usually bouncing off the walls.

Roxann Delaney said...

I hear ya. I can't do nothing. There have been a few times when I've managed to make myself put everything aside to watch a movie or the Hallmark channel for an entire Sunday afternoon. That happens when there's nobody home.

I'm not a good patient, either. Or would that be a patient with no patience?

Jessica Mobley said...

I hate that you're a sicky chicky. We hope you get better soon and get all the writing done before we get home! Because we will be too busy partying for any writing! Love you!

Joan Vincent said...

Hugs, Reese! Speaking from (sadly)years of experience with dealing with sickness, try to find that speck of sunshine. Perhaps its that you've had the experience which will flesh out a character or aspects of several characters.
And the movies--there's a world of data you're sub-conscience soaked up for use in future stories. Take it easy, don't do too much too soon. Life adjusts our goals all the time.

Reese Mobley said...

I'm counting the days till you get here!

Reese Mobley said...

Joan, I know you've had your share of health issues--glad you're doing so much better. I really loved watching movies even if I did feel a little bit guilty.

Starla Kaye said...

I'm glad the whole "being sick" is behind you now. You can move ahead toward your writing goals, and with everything else in your busy life. It's the pits singing those "I'm so sick" blues.