What would my perfect office be like...

I would have many windows with different views:
• A window that looked out at one of the Scottish lochs to let me watch the misty fog rising in early morn, let me see an ancient castle’s ruins across the way, let me savor and dream about a tall and handsome Scottish laird striding over the land within my view.
• An open window that looked out at a beach in northern California and let me feel the coolness of a new day, let me hear the waves rolling onto the sand, and let me watch young lovers walking hand-in-hand, barefoot along the water’s edge.
• A window that looked out at sprawling gardens filled with flowers of every size and color, guarded by weeping willows with branches dancing merrily in the soft breeze.

I would have a variety of chairs in which to sit:
• An over-stuffed, extra-wide chair, perfect for curling up in and letting my thoughts wander through the many thoughts overflowing within my mind.
• A buttery soft leather chair with a matching ottoman to ease onto with a good book and slip away from the trials of working on a storyline that isn’t working at the moment.
• A plump swivel, rocking chair, something to satisfy the need to sit and daydream while curling up one leg and using the other to absently swivel from side-to-side or mindlessly rock at a comfortable pace.

I would have electronics galore:
• A personal computer on my desk with two—maybe three—monitors.
• A laptop for the moments I sit in one of my many chairs to write in comfort.
• An iPad…just because.
• An iPhone…another “just because.”
• A radio/CD player that sits across the room to quietly play music of many genres dependent upon my mood…with a remote.
• A TV with a remote.

I would have a selection of tempting indulgences:
• Chocolate in many varieties and forms.
• Cheez-Its because they are so easy to nibble on.
• A basket filled with snack bars, granola bars, and cookies.
• Apples and cheese strings.
• Flavored waters and V-8 Fusions (to get my daily requirements of fruits and vegetables in a drink)

These are some of my fantasies, far from my reality. Okay, I have all of the electronics (just call me Geek), but not necessarily in my “office.” And I have chocolate hidden away in desk drawers most of the time. Plus there is a box of Cheez-Its under my desk, unopened as I keep forgetting it’s there. But the windows and the chairs… Dreams only.


Reese Mobley said...

Wow! I like your dream office. I wish you had a fairy godmother to make it all come true.

Joan Vincent said...

I second Reese. What a delightful prospect each of your choices is, Starla. Daydreaming can open up many different ideas. Nothing like a "what if" to start the ideas rolling.

Roxann Delaney said...

Beautiful, Starla!

I probably didn't bookmark it, but I saw the office of a female writer online that totally blew me away. Her husband built it for her, a couple of hundred yards away from their house, in the middle of woody area. It took my breath away.

As to all the foodstuff, yes! Add a refrigerator and maybe even a small microwave. ;)