Promotional Research

Okay, you have written your book and, hopefully, sold it somewhere. Now for the serious work of promoting that book...or all of your published works. Promotion is not for the weak of spirit.

There are so many facets to promotion, but I'm just going to list some links in a few categories on the topic. I have used many of these places for various reasons. And I know there are many more to choose from. I hope that some of these may help you when you reach this point in your writing career.

For Cover Ideas:

123 RF Royalty Free Stock Photos
iStockphoto Royalty Free Stock Photos
Romance Novel Covers

For Promotional Items for Authors:
Cafe Press
Earthly Charms
Gifts for Writers
Goddess Fish Promotions
Print Place

For Discussion About Promotion:
Marketing for Romance Writers
Promo Only
Promotion Loop Schedule
Romance Author Promo Call Blog
Romance Novel Events
Romance Promo

And, of course, shamelessly promote your newest release every chance you get.

Coming May 16 from Black Velvet Seductions: Their Lady Gloriana


Reese Mobley said...

Starla, these are great. Do you have a favorite or do you use a combination of several?

Starla Kaye said...

Reese, for cover ideas, my favorite is 123RF. But a lot of the photos are also at iStockphoto.

I've used Vistaprint for a number of things in the past, but I'm leaning more toward using Print Place now.

For most of the upcoming promotional stuff for Their Lady Gloriana, I am using Goddess Fish. They are wonderful to work with and my Black Velvet publisher loves them, too.

I use every possible Yahoo promotional loop on every bit of news, contests, or excerpts I promote.

Joan Vincent said...

Great links and promo ideas, Starla.
You certainly know your way around promo research.