Spelling it out by Reese Mobley

With the changing of the calender comes renewed hope.  This is my version of writing resolutions.

R is for reading.  As in I want to read more.  And have my manuscript read more.  By critiquers.  And editors.  And agents.  Oh my.

E is for electronic publishing.  I want to learn more about the process and, back to square one, I want to read more on my e-reader.  Easy Peesy--so far.

S is for synopsis.  Gotta do em' so I may as well learn to do em' right.  (ignore the snarl on my face)

O is for octopus.  I wish I were an 8-armed creature.  Imagine all the work I could get done.  Typing my manuscript, baking cookies and folding their tighty-whiteys all at the same time.  OMG! 

L is for writing love stories that touch a readers heart so profoundly they remember the characters long after they reach the end.

U is for understanding.  Understanding the business.  Understanding my characters enough to tell their stories.  Understanding that everyone has their own writing process and what works for them doesn't mean it's the same path I'll take. 

T is for thick skin.  You'd think a profession I could do in my pajamas, if I wanted to, wouldn't have a need for this one.  But there is.  Rejections are hard to take.  Doesn't mean the big shots don't like us, they just don't like our manuscript enough to publish it.  Note to self: rejections are easier to get over with a pint of Chunky Monkey.  Of course that makes for a different kind of thickness, but I won't go there.   

I is for Imagination.  And then some.  Think you've got a fabulous idea but want to save it? Don't.  Unless it's about a whole other set of characters, put the wonderful idea in your manuscript.  I promise another good idea will come around in time for the next book.

O is for organization.  My friends think I've got it all together, but they couldn't be more wrong about me.  My brain get cluttered with email that needs a response.  My desk gets covered with snail mail to read, sort, shred or file.  And recipes I want to try.  And old bills to file.  And new ones to pay.  Versions of manuscripts that need to be edited.  I have a tendency to shuffle stuff from one pile to the other.  Clearly, I am a stuff shuffler in need a twelve step program.     

N is for not feeling bad.  Who really cares if the towels don't get folded because I wanted to finish chapter nine while the words were flowing.  Or I use a box cake mix instead of one from scratch for the birthday party.  Or if the dust is thick enough to write in.  No one but me.  

Well, there you have it.  My 2013 list.  What's on yours?



Joan Vincent said...

A super list, Reese! You're right--it is a time of renewed hope. Your list clarified a few items on mine. When you find that stuff shuffler twelve step program please let me know. I need it desperately!

Reese Mobley said...

We'll carpool!

Pat Davids said...

If you find a cure for stuff stuffers you'll be the richest woman in America. I'd enroll and I'd bring my mother.

Reese, you amaze me with your wit and humor and ability to make me laugh out loud.

Cheers to your resolutions. I may just copy them.

Penny Rader said...

I like your list, Reese. Especially R and L and U and I and O and N.