Romance: Tendency To The Wonderful Or Mysterious

It’s always difficult to pen my blog after reading all the wonderful ones that have come before me. I always wonder, what can I say that’s new? I suspect not much, but I will attempt to dazzle you with my profound wisdom concerning romance. Not!

Romance can mean many things to many people. To me, it has always been that unexpected gesture of love. The little things that someone does  just because they love you.

To me, romance has never been about flowers and candy, movies or dinner. It’s about giving of oneself in unexpected and unasked for ways. It’s showing your loved one they are so important to you, that you are willing to go out of your way to do something nice for them.  

I miss that now that my husband is gone, knowing someone out there is thinking especially about me. I miss what he did, and I miss doing those little things for him.
            The single rose he picks up for me on his way home from work.
            Volunteering to take the kids to the park because I’m tired.

            Helping me with dinner, or the dishes, without my asking.
            Listening about my bad day when he’s had one of his own.
            Holding me when I cry, though crying makes him uncomfortable.
            Building me a bookshelf, with his bonus, while I’m out of town.

            Taking him a glass of iced tea when he’s working outside.
            Stopping by his job unexpectedly to give him a hug and kiss.

            Putting a love note in his truck, dresser, or lunch sack.
            Cooking potatoes at almost every meal because he likes them.
Some of these things may not sound romantic, but thinking about them still warms my heart. To me, the unselfish acts of love are the most romantic actions possible. Anyone can ply you with flowers and chocolate. The selfless gestures of the heart show the true depth of our/their feelings.  

My husband was not the “romantic” type, but he knew how to touch my heart. He romanced me a thousand different ways by all the little things he did that said, I love you, just because you’re you.

Unselfish acts of service, without expectation of repayment, tend to evoke a wonderful and mysterious response of love from the heart of the receiver. That is Romance.


Anonymous said...

I think you have defined the real life romance that some of us are lucky to experience. Your blog was well thought out and expressed, much better than most of mine--which hinge on the incoherent as words are tossed out of the fog of my mind into the bright glare of the noontime sun. Your posting will make sense forever.