Today, For Me, Romance Is... (Penny Rader) -- Creative-Commons licensed content
The topic of blog this month is What Is Romance?

My answer this week will most likely differ next week.  Why?  I've been sick most of the week and that tends to skew my mind.  So, here's what romance means to me this week, not in any particular order:

  • Cuddling, for cuddling's sake, without further expectations.
  • Making sure the fan is on if I'm hot or off if I'm cold.
  • Ditto for my snuggly blanket...on if cold, off it hot.
  • At least poke me every couple hours to see if I need anything.
  • Make sure I stay hydrated.
  • Bring me a cold cloth for my head when I have a migraine.  Refreshen when it's warm and/or dry.
  • Help me keep track of if/when I took my meds.
  • Make sure the bathroom is stocked with soft tp.
  • Don't make tacos for supper when I'm sick with tummy troubles.
Made that all about me, didn't I?  My selfish, whiny self came out with a bang.

Next week, when I'm feeling better, my definition of romance will probably read more like:

  • Holding hands.
  • Kissing hello and good-bye.
  • "Just because" surprises.
  • Doing chores your spouse despises.
  • Cuddling and snuggling, without further expectations. 
  • Secret smiles and shared memories.
  • If one of us is out of town, calling to let the other know s/he arrived...and check in every day or so until s/he gets home.
  • Watching a show you're not interested in just because your significant other is and you want to spend time with him/her.
  • Remembering milestones.
  • Being patient and kind to one another.
  • Sticking together in good times and in bad.
  • Cherishing one another.
  • Listening.
Then again, maybe I have romance mixed up with love.  What do you think?  How are romance and love the same?  How do they differ? -- Creative-Commons licensed content


Barbara Bettis said...

I don't know, Penny, both lists sound pretty great--and most of the list sounds like my definition of love. Being considerate of the other person, putting them first, and just being there for them. Nic post. Hope you're feeling better.

Ashantay said...

I enjoyed your post and agree with Barbara - both lists sound like love. And given you posted even while feeling ill, you must love writing as well as people. (smile)

I also hope you are well, soon.

Penny Rader said...

Thanks for visiting, Barbara and Ashantay, and thank you both for your kind words.

Each day I feel better than the day before. Now if I can only keep it that way! :D Having a chronic illness that flares up without rhyme or reason, disrupting my work and home life, frustrates me and those who depend on me. But today has been a good day and I am blessed. :D

Anonymous said...

I love the question and the post. For me romance is keeping the spark of passion alive and love is caring enough to make the effort.