A Beautiful Mind Meets National Treasure by Reese Mobley

My office is usually a mess.  More specifically, the corner desk in my office is a mess.  It looks like a scene from the Russell Crowe movie, A Beautiful Mind—but to me, it feels like the Nicholas Cage flick, National Treasure. 

I’ve got notes taped over every surface surrounding my monitor.  Rows of Post-It’s parade across the edge of my desk’s hutch.  A stack of notes are anchored to the surface by my ancient land-line phone.  The further I travel into my current work-in-progress, the more paper treasures I write.

These treasures are the result of many light bulb moments.  Ideas for my manuscript that come at inopportune moments—you know, the times when you’re not frantically typing away.  For me, it’s usually right after I hit the sack, when my mind is casually filing the day’s events to make room for tomorrow’s.  Or just after I’ve put on my left sock in the morning or as soon as I lather up in the shower.  Random moments where the most wonderful, useful, creative ideas light us up like the Fourth of July. 

I get excited and rush, sleepy, sockless or soapy, to my office to jot them down.  I then rip the top page off and find yet another tiny unused space to stick it on my desk until I have the time to incorporate it into my manuscript.  I rub my hands together and congratulate myself on getting it on paper before it slides just out of my memory’s reach.

God Bless the Post-It’s because they are the bridge between what I write and what I want to add to enhance my manuscript before I send it off to the wonderful world of publishing. 

All you Post-It's fans raise your hands and pat yourself on the back--just be sure you don't have a sticky note on you when you're done.  Regular people won't understand.



Rox Delaney said...

Regular people = Sane people

Why? Let's face it. We have people talking in our heads, a clear sign to any mental health professional of insanity. ;)

Pat Davids said...

Be sure and count the words on you sticky notes when you are doing your word count total for the month.

I for one believe you have a beautiful mind and you are surly a National Treasure.

Reese Mobley said...

We're not sane? Really?

Reese Mobley said...

Thanks, Pat. Right back atcha.

Joan Vincent said...

I love the image your title brings to mind, Such apt imagery, Reese. My desk is more like The Lost Mines of Kind Solomon!