Writing Inspiration in Images (Penny Rader)

Where do I find writing inspiration?  All over the place, but I'm especially fond of pictures.  I feel a weird sense of contentment when I have a pile of magazines next to me and a pair of scissors handy.  Pictures for characters and settings get clipped.  Words and phrases are added to the pile.  Bits from articles that might add perfect layers of backstory make the cut, too.

These boards remind me that I am creative and urge me to get words on paper.

When I find discover gems perfect for my current work-in-progress they go onto

Meghan's board


Gideon's board

Come Home to Comfort board

Extra bits find their way into binders

For those times when words refuse to flow from my fingertips, I'll pull a picture from the pile and use it as a writing prompt or in conjunction with a writing exercise from one of the creativity books on my shelf.  Writing by hand feels most natural to me, at least for first drafts.

And if that doesn't work, I'll take a time out, find a chocolate bar, and rearrange some blocks.

Or go play on Pinterest where I have boards for heroes, heroineskid characters, or characters in general, and my wip.  I was a little late coming to the Pinterest party, but I find it so relaxing and, well, inspiring.  A virtual version of snipping and clipping from magazines.  Who knew Pinterest could be so addictive?

How about you?  What inspires you?


Katherine said...

I love the idea of creating boards and notebooks for inspiration. Thanks for sharing yours.

Penny Rader said...

Thanks, Katherine! I need lots of pictures around when I'm writing. What works best for you?

Maddy said...

I have a pal doing Nanowrimo and so I've been sending her some inspirational quotes everyday. Maybe I should be sending pictures instead. I love the idea of a binder [for myself]

Penny Rader said...

Hi Maddy! I love how you're being so supportive of your friend. I hope she's sailing through Nano and I hope you're able to put your own binder together soon.

Katherine said...

Hi Penny, I usually have just a picture of the hero and one of the heroine. I also collect inspirational quotes for when I'm feeling like I have no idea what I'm doing.

Penny Rader said...

I'm a huge fan of quotes, too, Katherine. Sometimes we just need that boost, don't we?

Ashantay said...

Quotes are my favorites - I have about five favorites tapes to my computer monitor.

Enjoyed your post!

L. A. Kelley said...

Interesting post. I don't use hardcopies, but I do use images on my computer especially when I'm trying to describe a geographical location.

Tanya Hanson said...

Penny, what gorgeous boards! I sometimes have a pic of H and H but never thought to create something so lovely! I usually surf the web for pictures to help with the setting or clothing etc. Well done!

Rox Delaney said...

Aha! Now I know what to do with that cork board I bought for no reason. Thanks, Penny! Now to find the wall space. LOL