Favorite Reading Spaces by J Vincent

The one place I read in every day is my bed.  I read before I take my nap and I read again when we go to bed in the evening.  On my nightstand in the photo taken today are my Nook upon which I am reading April Lady by Georgette Heyer--a regency romance. My favorite place?  Although I enjoy my reading I don’t think the setting enhances it.

The second place I read every day is in my recliner in the living room.  If you look at the photo you can see the equipment I use for my CF vest treatment and my breathing treatments--these guarantee I am in this chair and thus reading every day.  What you can’t see is the book Prague Counterpoint (Zion Covenant Series Book 2) by Bodie Thoene.  I don’t often read paper copies of books these days due to my eyes but someone highly recommended this World War II series to me. I am captivated by it even as I’m horrified at some things that happen in it.  It’s a love story, a war story, a story of Jewish survival.  Since the series isn’t available as an epub I’ve been able to get the books at Wichita Public Library. Again, the recliner is not really a favorite place to read.

In the summer I have two favorite places to read.  The first and most often utilized is the glider on our deck. The view from there is my back yard with all our bird feeders and accompanying birds including orioles and humming birds that feed up on our deck, then a berm covered with blooming sunflowers.   Beyond that is a wheat field. Whenever I look up I am so thankful to have such a peaceful place which truly does enhance reading.

My most favorite place to read is at Thirty Mile Camp outside of Creede, CO. I’ve included two photos.  The first taken a couple of years ago with my grandchildren in camp.  The second is just some of scenery before me as I read.  Too bad we’re usually only there five days.  I make up for it by ready six or seven books.
Are your reading places similar?  Which of mine is your favorite?