Where Do I Read? (Kate O'Hara)

Almost anywhere is a good spot for a good read. My first choice is my cozy bed. I can read until my eyes get tired and doze off dreaming about the characters in the story. I read anytime and anyplace I have to wait: doctor’s office, dentist, DMV, etc.  It makes the wait seem shorter and keeps my brain alert. Reading is something I do every day if I can.

While I do like a real hardbound book with real print when I’m reading in bed, I hate carrying one around when I leave home. I don’t like the small print in paperbacks either. I have adopted Kindle as my reading app and love it! I carry a Kindle Fire in my briefcase on trips out of town. I can adjust the brightness to fit nearly any surrounding and change the font size to suit my eyes. For jaunts about town, I read from the Kindle app on my phone. It’s so handy and has nearly all the features of my larger Kindle.

I do some proofing and beta-reads for other authors. I use to do these on the computer, but now send the files to my Kindle. It’s so easy to tap the screen and make a note to check later. That way I’m not stuck at the computer and can proof anywhere. My only complaint is Kindle doesn’t have a means to print the notes after I’ve finished. I have to either make the corrections on the .doc copy or send a list of changes in an email. I have talked to Amazon and suggested adding that feature to future apps, but they aren’t quick to change something which obviously works well for most users.

Wherever you read, enjoy yourself. Reading changes lives, opinions, outlooks and hearts. Be the change you want to see in the world.