Where Is My Favorite Reading Place? (Z. Minor)

I read wherever I can balance a book on my lap or in my hand. I do have a Kindle which I kind of like – more because of the purchase price of the books. If I am traveling I don’t have to cart along a box of books. In truth I don’t like to read a story on a computer either.

When I read my own novels I usually print them out. I can write comments on the paper and later go to my office, in the basement, and make any necessary changes.

An actually printed book is my preference of reading material. I like the feel of the cover in my hands and the actually touching of the pages. If it is a research book and it belongs to me I sometimes will write in the margins or on the blank pages in the back or front of the book. When I find an interesting historical tidbits, usually when I am doing specific research for one of my stories, I will sometimes write a heading for the type of information and the page number when the details can be found. That way I don’t have to scour the entire book looking for the information a second time.  I find it very hard to go backward in a Kindle book looking for information be it a novel or research material.

If a book is well written the story carries me to the time and place of the novel. So it matters not where I am actually reading. Most often I read in our small library/TV room. I sit in a recliner, which is a fairly comfortable chair. We do need to buy some new chairs as we have worn out the ones we are currently using.

Most often, I will read and kind of watch a T.V. show at the same time. I usually can follow the show on the T.V. while I read. Of course it depends on the type of book/show. Sometimes I only read when the commercials come on- however on some T.V. stations the ads seem to run longer than the actual shows.

I love to read so I always find time to do so no matter where I am.

 Z. Minor
Author of Historical Romantic & Contemporary Suspense Novels.