New York, New York!

Pat Davids here.
This month we'll be talking about where we'd like to spend a week.
 Oh, the places I'd love to spend a week. Alaska, Washington State, Montana, Maine, Europe, Wales, Scotland, Cancun, Fiji, Africa, Holmes Co. Ohio, the list is endless. I could blog every day this month and not finish listing them.

So, I'm going to talk about where I'm off to next in my globe trotting life. I'm going to New York.
The Big Apple,
The City that Never Sleeps. (Is that New York? I'm not sure.)

Anyway, here is my delimma and my question. I only have four days in the Big Apple. What shall I see? Have you been there? What would you suggest? Central Park by horse drawn carriage? The Statue of Liberty? Times Square? A Broadway play? Ground Zero? Ellis Island? The Harlequin Offices? The Empire State Building?

Do you see my problem here?

If I stayed a month I might do it all, but not in four days. Especially, since one day will be taken up by the Book Expo of America where I will be signing at the RWA booth. How cool is that to have a book signing in New York?  So what if 1000 other and more famous authors will be there. Patricia Davids is going to be there.

So help me pick and choose. What would you go see and why if you had a week in New York?


Joan Vincent said...

Pat, when my dh and I were in NY for an RWA conference a few years ago we went to see Shakespeare in Central Park. The tickets are free and it was a wonderful performance. We also saw the Lion King so I recommend something on Broadway. We took the ferry to the Statue of Liberty and now I think you can even go up in it which we couldn't. Ellis Island has some great displays and you can search for your family in its database. The Empire State building had such a huge line we skipped it so maybe go very early. We found New Yorkers very friendly and helpful to 2 yokels with camera in one hand and metro map in the other! Have a great time.

Pat Davids said...

I was going to try for the Lion King, but saw it's coming to Wichita in the fall. I'm considering Wicked.
For sure the Statue of Liberty but I was told to expect it will take 6 hrs. Ellis Island is a strong contender, as is a carriage ride in Central Park. I'll take lots of pictures.

Joan Vincent said...

Wicked would be terrific--I saw it here in Wichita. You are right about the carriage ride too.

Rox Delaney said...

The Harlequin offices are down by Ground Zero, about 2 blocks away, so that's a 2fer. Save money and take the subway. It's a great adventure! And walk. Karen and I walked all over the day after we arrived. You can pick up a map (with subway info, too) at a tourism or visitors place. The one we found was a few blocks from the hotel. (2003 RWA) I was there in 1964 and remember seeing the U.N. and the Radio City Music Hall, but missed them on the more recent trip. I'd go again in a heartbeat. I love NYC!

Rox Delaney said...

Joan, I definitely agree about New Yorkers. Whenever we looked lost, someone would stop and ask if we needed help getting somewhere.

Pat, be sure to try out one of the delis. That's where the locals shop and eat. For more ideas, visit the Ditzy Chix website for our pix.


Reese Mobley said...

Okay, dear, you know if you took moi, you'd see the entire city. In one day. I can put some mileage on them legs for you. xoxox Have fun!

Pat Davids said...

Reese, I would love to have you along, leading the charge from site to site with a list of the ten must see places all in one day. I'm going to miss you. At least we'll have Disneyland.