Introductions Are In Order by Theresa Jaye

Have you ever awakened from a grand and satisfying, as close as possible to hibernation, sleep and decided you wanted to become someone else?  To take on another's identity?  To change your name without any serious repercussions or explanations?

I know, right.  Who hasn’t? 

As of today, I am going to be someone else.  Or go back to being someone else. For you see, today marks a new beginning for Theresa and a tragic ending for Reese.  She had a good run, but her time is up.  Oh, I’ll still have the nickname, but it will be reserved for those near and dear to me to use when they want to sweet talk me into doing something for them.  Like baking six dozen cookies or whipping up a little three-course snack. The rest of the world will have to be content to address the new me with the old me’s name.

This is my new beginning.  Going back to the old me. 

Come on in and introduce yourself.  I have a feeling we’re going to be great friends.

Hugs, Theresa


Pat Davids said...

So good to meet you, again, Theresa Jaye. I really like your new handle. I liked Reese, too, but I know Theresa better. She's awesome and she writes such funny stuff. Can't wait to hear more from either of you.

Rox Delaney said...

I want to be somebody else every day. Each day, a new somebody. :) Kind of like that 50 First Dates movie. (Was it 50? Might have been less.)

It doesn't matter what your name is or even a new "persona," we love "you" as we always have.

Nice to meet you, Theresa Jaye. :)

Judy Darnell said...

Wow, I had a hard time finding you as I did not know that you were starting that kind of 'New Beginning'. I actually only know the old Theresa. I wish the new Theresa the best of luck.

Unknown said...

Thanks, Pat. I think this whole new beginning is just the beginning! Fingers crossed.

Unknown said...

Thanks, Rox. Nice to meet you too! And it was 50 First Dates.

Unknown said...

Judy, thanks for dropping by. I will take your offer of luck!

Joan Vincent said...

It is a pleasure to meet you, Theresa Jaye. Wishing you every success!