New Year? Not Quite for Me (Melissa Robbins)

Many people see January as a fresh start, a clean slate.  Honestly, to me, it’s not.  You see I have three kids in school and in my head, the “new year” starts at the end of August.  The kids are a grade older.  They have new teachers.  Ah, the smell of fresh pencils and paper.  The calendar that holds all of our family activities goes from July to July instead of starting in January. 
Last fall, my youngest started half day kindergarten.  It was that new found time where I adjusted my goals.  I went from having three hours three times a week to four hours five days a week without kids. Still doesn’t seem to be enough time to write though.  Is there ever?  Like my kids are half way through school in January, I’m halfway through my writing goals, which makes me feel happy that I didn’t “accomplish” my 2013 goals.  When August 2014 comes around, that’s when I’ll make new goals.  All of my kids will be in school all day. 

So do we have any others out there that start their new years in August instead of January or am I the odd ball?  


Pat Davids said...

Melissa, I know you aren't the only oddball out there. Lots of people start their New Year somewhere other than January. I always saw my birthday as the start of a new year. As I've gotten older, I don't count birthdays to be as important as they once where.
Write on. New Year or not.

Rox Delaney said...

The beginning of a new school year has always been my point of newness aka New Year. Not only with my kids, but for myself. New year, new beginnings is what I always told myself. If not the greatest "year," I have to say they've all been interesting.

Enjoy "next" year!

Melissa Robbins said...

Thanks guys!