Organization Has Its Moments of Comedy

A person likes to think they can learn. A person likes to think they’re kinda smart sometimes. A person can suffer from delusion.
Below is my notes to myself that I make each year to make my own purse calendar. The idea came about when Daughter Dallas, for Christmas one year, gave me the gift of understanding what I really needed to keep myself aware of my own life.  The system has been modified a bit, but mostly, she was spot on.  This includes a purse calendar—custom made for me.

I like the calendar as it opens the way I like and I have lots of room for notes, telephone numbers, extra information, and yet it fits neatly in my purse. Every year I use a card that came in during the holiday season for a cover. The making of these pesky things is not as easy as you’d think. The first year took four days. The second only two. Then I realized I liked them and needed to write down the instructions. Below is a log of these instructions.
I hope you enjoy how silly they are.  Really, no editing was done to protect the…well…oh, just read it…

To make next year’s purse calendar use image 2010 L.  Up its size to 110%.  Or use the one in the Calendar file.  Place original face down on screen.  Make sure center aligns closely with top of calendar page.  There is a penciled arrow on the one in the file.  Short head space to the left.  Leave room for stapling.  Make 7 and one extra without the back side.  Reverse the copies in the paper feeder to make this work.  The paper in the feeder copies on the top and heads to the right so to copy the back side make the print face down.  The head leading to the right needs to lead with the short head space end.  Good luck.  If it takes you less than six hours, you’re gaining.

In 2011 it took me less than 30 minutes.  I used 2010L and ran it through the Brother copier.  I made 7 copies.  Then I put them, short margin in head first upside down, and printed one to make sure. Then another 6.  Voila! All good.

Good job!

In 2012 it took me less than 30 minutes but what were you smokin’ in 2011?  I used the 2010L and ran it through the Brother copier, made 7 copies and got to dig them out of the copier!
Correct procedure: Use 2010L copy. Make 7 copies using the Brother. Put them in the bottom paper drawer—short margin in head first, face down. Print one to make sure, then the other 6. All good.
            Whew! Worried for a bit.

            In 2013 opened file, read directions, MADE BIG mistake! Were you smokin’ and drinking in 2012?
1.     Use image 2010, make sure when printing to Brother that you select box for fit to page to make original for copying.
2.     Make sure center aligns closely with top of calendar page when placing on Brother screen top.
3.     Make 7 copies.
4.     Put copies in bottom brother tray. Place them FACE UP, Narrow margin to side. Short header margin towards crotch.
5.     Print one to make sure.
6.     Print 6 to finish.
I managed to get finished in less than 30 minutes, but good GAWD!
Do, better next year. Idiot….
Smooches to self, go make serious relaxing beverage.


PS The darned Blog thingy didn't print on time as it was set up to be by me--the operator/blogger! Obviously the Blogger God, Organizer God, and the Laugh God are all having a great party over this one! This was written on the last days of 2013 so that I would have a jump start on 2014! I looked to see how it appeared today, 1/13/2014 and! Another moment made for comedy and technology.......


Pat Davids said...

Ah, Nina, as always, your blog post entertain and delight me.

I, too, have technology troubles, but I do love calendars. I write out how many words I must type to get a book done and then my calendar is spoiled if I'm not keeping up so I get another one and put in new numbers.

I'm on my third calendar for 2014. Maybe I should put my word goal in pencil.

Unknown said...

I tried to use the calendar on my phone, but it's just not the same. I'd be lost without my wall calendar.

Have you ever thought about going into the calendar making business? lol

Rox Delaney said...

I (unfortunately) don't carry a calendar in my purse. There is a small, blank notebook for notes.

We use a whiteboard/erasable calendar on the kitchen wall to track the g-kids' after-school activities and use magnets for the dates, so we don't have to rewrite the stupid numbers every month. There's another in my office, but right now, it's still at November 2013. *sigh*

From my desk, I can see 3 calendars. That forgotten Nov 13 whiteboard, one on my computer (Google sidebar), and a school calendar on my big whiteboard for No School days so we know when to run and hide.

Rox Delaney said...

I create a "working calendar" with a Word template for each book with deadlines and a writing schedule to get there. (chap 1 scene 1, etc.) It's easy to change, so I don't have to start over when I'm behind, just put my behind in the chair and get busy.

Rox Delaney said...

Nina, I do love your idea of creating your own pocket calendar! I should do that, and then remember to look at it. :)