A Milllion Dollars--Five Things upon Which to Spend It by J Vincent

A million dollars! What five things would I buy?  An easy blog, right?  Or not. There must be something wrong with me because big ticket items don’t immediately come to mind. Here’s what did:

First-Daily sessions with a physical therapist, a trainer, and a massage therapist to get me walking more easily and for a decent distance again.

Second--Pay off our loans and set aside college tuition/education funding for the grandkids.  I know, that’s two things but I wasn’t sure getting something for others counted.  The tuition would be the gift of peace of mind for me.

Third--Rare books and maps.  I love old books and period maps.  One of my most prized possessions is an 1806 Walking Map of London.  It’s set in nine parts on linen and folds up into a neat compact size with a case to hold it.  I also have an 1832 copy of Pierce Egan’s Book of Sports.  The only reason I could afford it was because the front cover was detached.  Egan wrote many books at the time of and about the regency in England and I’d love to get originals of all of them.

Fourth-- Travel.  Once I’m walking again six months in Great Britain, or maybe a year so I can visit all the places I’ve written about and to do research.  I also have several people to whom I owe an ale at the pub. This is the payment they requested when I asked a variety of people in England how I could thank them for research information they helped me find via the internet and email. This followed by a month in Australia and while we’re there, another month in New Zealand.  My dh and I should be able to do that in great style with private drivers and guides, Then I’d like to take my kids and grandkids to Hawaii. 

Fifth. --??

This really shouldn’t be this difficult!  But most of the things that come to mind are items for other people like that quarter million travel RV after which my husband lusts.  There are several big ticket items for my kid--a new stove and flooring for one; a bathroom remodel for another. All in all I'm lucky and happy without the million.  After all money can't buy health.   November is the month of Thanksgiving and I'm very thankful for all that I've been blessed with through the years.  Happy Thanksgiving to all.


Nina Sipes said...

Your goals are worthy indeed!
I would:1. Invest it and then spend 90 percent of the income each year.
2. Of the 90% I would pay on bills, then
3. Remodel the house--we need a much bigger garage!
4. Do special trips to far away places-I've a yen to see the redwoods
5. Make sure Christmas sparkled for my dear ones

Becky A said...

Okay, Miss Joan, where's the line to get this million? I want to stand in it too.

Since reading your blog, I've been giving it a lot of thought. It would be harder than it looks to decide what to do with a million bucks. I'll still volunteer to try :)