If I had a million dollars...(Melissa Robbins)

The blog topic reminded me of a song my friends and I would sing constantly in college, “If I Had a Million Dollars” by the Barenaked Ladies.  The band came up with silly things to buy with a million dollars, but in the end, they sing, “If I had a million dollars, I’d buy your love.”

I have love, so I don’t need to buy that.  ;0)  Ever the practical person, if I received a million dollars, I would probably invest it or just save it for kids’ college funds.  But this is a blog post!  You don’t want to read about that.  Boring! So here is my list of five things I would buy.

1. A small plane that my family would fit in comfortably, so I could fly them anywhere. Let’s throw in a pilot’s license, too.  I hear it’s not cheap. Flying coach? Thing of the past. 

2. Speaking of private jets, for some CRAZY reason, my husband and I received this big fancy brochure about flying around the world in a private jet through National Geographic Expeditions.  For a mere $75,000, you and your guest can fly in style around the southern part of the world with experts guiding you.  A normal 757 adjusted to fit 75 people instead of 200 in coach.  Talk about leg room!  Don’t forget the on board physician and chef!  Peru, Morocco, Tanzania, Tibet, China, Australia are just a few of the destinations.  Swim in the Great Barrier Reef?  Tour a vast wildlife sanctuary in Tanzania? Sign me up! Or just drop me off in Australia or New Zealand. 

3. That Around the World expedition sounds great, but no mention of Europe.  That’s where I would really like to go, England, Scottish Highlands, and Germany.  Stay in a haunted castle. Drag my husband to every WW2 memorial and sight I could find. Good times.

4. Clearly, I have travel on my brain. I would love to buy a cottage in the Colorado Rockies.  Somewhere near the slopes where my family can ski and then relax by a warm fire. 

5. If I still had some money leftover, a lovely conservatory would be a beautiful addition to my house.  I have always wanted one with metal and all glass.  A place filled with sunlight to write, read, and paint. 

Well, I’m broke, but well-traveled and I can rest my weary feet while I read in my new conservatory.  What about you?  What would you want if you had a million dollars?  


Becky A said...

When you get that plane and license, can I tag along? The National Geo trip sounds pretty cool. I can be the designated grandnanny :)

Melissa Robbins said...

Sure! I'll fly some of us to writing conferences!