Decisions, Decisions, What To Do With A Million Bucks

What would I buy if I had a million dollars? I have no idea. I suspect I would change my mind a dozen times over and still second-guess every decision. A million bucks is a lot of moo-la.

Like Penny, tithes and offerings to God comes first. If He sees fit to bless me with a bunch of money, I’m not going to take his cut. There are many worthwhile charities out there running on a wing and a prayer. I’ll do my part, so they can do theirs.

If I’m feeling altruistic, I’ll give some to each of my kids and set some back for the grand-kids too. I have a couple of friends who really need new cars. I’m sure they’d be happy to help with the spending.

If I’m feeling totally selfish, I’d buy me the wardrobe I've always wanted instead of the K-Mart specials I usually settle for. Ignoring all price tags, I’d start with shoes and work my way up from the inside out. Unfortunately, I don’t like to shop. This would be on my, ‘I have to do this if I want new clothes’ list.

If the responsibility bug is biting I’ll invest most of it, but that’s not much fun. In this day and age, I’m not sure I would trust the system anyway. One major catastrophe and poof, your money is gone.

Maybe I’ll buy me that house in the country with a babbling brook running merrily along. Fishing in the summer and snowed in over the winter. Being alone at this stage in my life kind of takes the fun out of this one. Maybe I should start by buying me a man? Nah, if I have to buy him, I don’t think I want him.

Being Scotch-Irish, maybe I’ll go visit the old country. But what’s the point of all that romantic scenery with no one to snuggle up to next to the peat fire? Going with my old maid sister doesn't sound the same. Don’t tell her I called her an Old Maid. She’s only two years my senior J

I've always wanted to explore our National Parks. With a million buckaroos, I could visit every one. Capital Reef, Bryce Canyon, Zion, Canyonlands and Arches are Utah alone. A tour of the Grand Canyon should be on everyone’s list.

All I have here are maybes , except for tithes and offerings. That’s a gimme. So, I guess the moral of this story is; I’ll do whatever I’m in the mood for. Can we say capricious, indecisive, or just avoiding some real soul searching here? When the time comes, notice I said when, then I’ll decide.

I might know a family fighting cancer with no insurance, or someone who lost their home in a natural disaster. Great wealth should be used for others. Not that you can’t spend some on yourself, but knowing you were able to help someone in desperate need far outweighs a trip to Scotland. I can go there in pictures. Without the financial help, some kids might grow up without their dad or others end up in a homeless shelter.

We never know the good we can do until we do it. So, when the time comes, I’ll know.